Leave Money as a Surprise

• Decide how much money you’ll give away. Change it into small coins or notes.

• Create a set of small signs with the text #FreeMoneyDay and the website www.freemoneyday.org, and an invitation for the recipient to pass half of the money on.

• Leave two coins or notes along with your sign in a public place where it’s likely to be found by someone on the same day.

• Leave a sign and money in as many locations as you like.

• That’s it! Enjoy the warm feeling of generosity.


Don’t forget to share your stories, photos, and videos!

• Let us know how much money you gave away and what happened.

• Tweet about the event using the hashtag #freemoneyday and link to us at @freemoneyday; post a story to your Facebook profile and tag the Free Money Day Facebook page (‘like’ the page first, then use the ‘@’ sign to tag from a drop down list); write a blog post.

• Follow up with media and send through any clippings or links for us to post on our Free Money Day media page.

• Edit your films, share them with us, and post your photos to the the Free Money Day Flickr account.