Free Money Day will occur, globally, this 15th September, albeit in a scaled down form from its 2012 success.

The organising team at the Post Growth Institute are presently focussing attention on outlining an alternative macroeconomic framework, grounded in not-for-profit enterprise. Hence, important updates to this websites’ functionality are yet to be made and we won’t be seeking media coverage for this year’s event.

That said, we’d love you to hold an event this year (as simple as handing out a couple of coins and asking the recipient to pass one on!) and to register the details here. We will keep an offline record of all 2013 events, to be updated online as soon as we have the time and necessarily skills to improve the website. If you hold an event, please do send any pictures, videos and stories to:

We hope you have a fun day this weekend and look forward to engaging further in the coming twelve months.