A dog carries dollar bills in its mouth.Our economy can work for everyone.

How? The same way every healthy system works, through good circulation. For the body, it’s blood; for the environment, it’s oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen; for our economy, it’s money.

If your heart stops pumping blood through every part of the body, tissue dies. If vital elements don’t circulate appropriately throughout the environment, our ecosystem collapses. When money accumulates at the top, instead of circulating freely through every economic level, a sick economy is inevitable.

Free Money Day is an opportunity to encourage money to circulate more freely through our economy. Whether you leave a little money with a note on a park bench, or hand money to complete strangers, know that by sharing money more freely you are helping t0 create a more caring, sharing economy.

We look forward to hearing how people engage with Free Money Day in 2017. We’ll hope to be back in full promotional force next year (if you’re interested in helping out, we’re seeking a voluntary event manager). For now we’re deep in the final editing stages of our book outlining how a truly circulatory economy is attainable in our lifetimes.

All the best for a wonderful Free Money Day!

Donnie and the team