Canadian journalist and activist Murray Dobbin has been writing and speaking about alternatives to current political and economic arrangements for decades.  With five books under his belt and countless articles, talks, presentations, broadcasts, and interviews, he has been a consistent figure in Canadian political commentary.

One of his many initiatives, Word Warriors, is an avenue to mobilize all concerned citizens to get engaged in the matters that affect us most – which is, after all, what democracy is all about.

Word Warriors is a letter writing campaign that organizes citizens to present clear and unified messages to our media and governments via letters to the editor.  In Dobbin’s most recent Word Warriors callout, he urges people to challenge our media to take the Free Money Day message seriously: Media and governments must begin seriously attending to news and policies that do not present growth as the only economic option.

This is one more example of the creative ways Free Money Day can inspire ongoing dialogue about how to move forward collectively.  We’d like to encourage you to participate in the Word Warriors letter writing campaign.

Thanks Murray for your support!