The momentum of Free Money Day continues to build, with the event manifesting in a variety of exciting and unanticipated ways.  Take for example this recent inspiring addition to the roster of participants:

The CreativeCrip's website promotion for freemoneydayThe author of The Creative Crip has infused Free Money Day with great meaning.  As someone who is housebound due to disability, this engaged citizen is hosting a virtual Free Money Day by creatively utilizing twitter and the pay it forward philosophy.  Here is an excerpt from the blog postwhere you can learn more:

“My original plan for 9/11 2011 was to write an update to my personal 9/11 story to mark the 10th Anniversary of one of the defining moments of modern history.  I’m not going to do that […]
This year I would like to do something to positively engage people from all walks of life and engender compassionate conversation.”

Now this is what Free Money Day is all about! …Mobilizing community by engaging people in ways our current systems and measures tend to overlook or disregard. …Shifting from despairing conversations about what’s wrong to exciting conversations about what’s possible.

Welcome aboard, Creative Crip!  We urge everyone to support this virtual campaign (twitter hashtag #CCFMD) reminding us that Free Money Day is a gift to be shared in whatever ways we wish!